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XBURO recruits Kyla & Liam give insight on what it's like to come into the project management industry:

“The first few weeks of stepping into the industry of project management has required a pivotal period of adaptation and quick learning. As we’ve dived into the intricacies of our roles, we have both gained invaluable insight into the industry’s multifaceted landscape. Andy and the XBURO team have included us in the management of major projects which has already given us clarity into the necessary steps and stages of a project’s lifecycle.

First-hand we’ve seen the professionalism, organization and communication needed for a project to thrive through the guidance of our team’s project managers. So far, our days have been filled with multiple meetings, completing and compiling project information into document form and communicating with clients.

We’ve also had the opportunity to look on to see how XBURO continuously manage client expectations, coordinate project activities, mitigate risks, and always ensuring the delivery of high-quality results that meet client needs and objectives. The fast-paced industry has already proven to keep us on our toes, but we are sure that we are in the correct environment to set the foundation for a durable and successful career!”

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