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süstainability consültancy

Sustainability is in our DNA.

Our inquisitiveness, our passion for change and our social consciousness means that we will always strive to provide our clients with economical, sustainable solutions.

Our specialists work collaboratively with the Project Team, often adopting "first principles" thinking to produce fantastic outcomes for our Clients.

Before we start designing, we carry out an immersive cultural change program with the client and occupants to ensure that the strategies we adopt will be acceptable and managed properly.  All too often, we hear about buildings that are simply “too clever” for their own good and the occupants don’t interact with them correctly. 

Once we are sure that the culture change will be accepted, we look to design out the energy and carbon from the building.   This usually starts with optimisation of the building form and fabric.  Our specialists will often be deeply involved in the conceptual architecture and aesthetic. 


The final piece of the puzzle will be the technology and our team has expertise in systems and solutions which are in use all around the world:

ground source heat pumps       solar cooling      thermal labyrinths
phase change materials         energy storage       biomass chp
algae energy        micro wind turbines     solar PV       solar hot water
  passivhaus              energy equilibrium technology / architecture
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