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independent commissioning agent

Unfortunately, most projects are handed over to the Client without the building and it’s systems operating the way in which they were designed or intended to.


Typically, this is due to poor programming and pressure at the end of the project to finish.  This means that the contractor does not carry out a rigorous commissioning strategy. 


This results in occupant discomfort and dissatisfaction. 

The design team is often employed by the contractor at the end of a project therefore they do not have any authority to enforce the proper process.

A solution to this is to have an Independent Commissioning Agent (ICA) on the project.  The ICA is employed by the client and his role is to “police” the entire design and construction process to ensure that the building meets it’s operational targets.

xburo provides ICA for various building types.  

This can be simply to satisfy the requirements of Green Star or can be as Client or Tenant Representative to ensure the building is doing what it's supposed to do.

Our highly experienced team have recently completed commissions on some of the largest projects in Australia.

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