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Economic Development Queensland

Economic Development Queensland (EDQ) is thrilled to announce our Advisory Panel!

The 13 industry leaders with a diversity of skills, experience and background will support EDQ in evaluating and analysing development-related matters and deliver expert advice to the Economic Development Board and Senior Leadership Team.

Welcome to Chris Freeman, Guy Gibson, Andy Bradley, Bianca Graham GAICD, Shane Bulloch, Peter Hyland, Laurence Lancini, Susie Pearn, Scott Miles, Alison Quinn, Garry McLean, Kirsti Simpson, Kirsty Smith. EDQ is looking forward to facilitating debate, share market expertise and best practice to contribute to our commitme

nt to market leadership.

Andy Bradley, Managing Director of XBURO, said: "It's a real honour to be part of such a fantastic panel of industry experts. Hopefully we can all make a difference to this great State."

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