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Andy is helping evolve a shared future where we create human habitat that helps people, their communities and their natural environment shine.

He has a strong interest in helping clients define and achieve meaningful and beneficial sustainability outcomes, using market leading frameworks and tools when appropriate. 


His diverse project experience enables him to bring a broad and balanced approach to the team while his experience designing and deploying technical software enables him to help clients succeed as they interface with technology

Andy is a firm believer that our long-term viability as a species on this planet is dependent on our ability to maintain and nurture the eco-systems that provide us with the resources and conditions on which our lives depend – air, water, food.  Ultimately this means shifting from a paradigm of harm minimisation (sustainability) to one of benefit maximisation (positive, restorative and regenerative development).

Andy is a strategic, whole-system thinker and strives to help make positive and near-positive development an economically beneficial reality for clients.

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